We Wanted a House with a Large Yard

My husband and I had been living in an apartment for nearly four years, ever since we were married. We had no idea where we were going to eventually settle since we were both just getting started in our careers, so we did not want to get burdened down with a mortgage in case we left the area. When he was promoted to an executive position, we knew that Denver was going to be our home for the long haul. As soon as we found out, I went to www.douglaskerbs.com to start looking at houses.

Both of us were happy enough at the apartment, but both of us also wanted a home with property. We want to have kids one day, and we didn’t want them having no yard to play in. We also had so much fun when we would visit our friends who own their own homes, mainly because of the outdoor entertaining aspects. I already knew the kind of home I wanted, and my husband told me he would be happy anywhere. I still wasn’t going to pick a home without his approval, but that did give me a lot of leeway.

The realtor I chose came highly recommended, and I had seen what he had helped some of our friends get with their own houses. When I contacted Mr. Kerbs, I explained what I wanted, and he delivered for me too. It wasn’t overnight, but I didn’t care about that. We are going to be here the rest of our lives, so I didn’t care that it took a few months to find the perfect home. And, it is perfect too. We have four bedrooms, a sunken living room, a dream kitchen, and so much more. The best part is that we are now entertaining in our own backyard, and we could not be happier.