This Apartment is Convenient to Where I Need to Be

I am an aspiring artist, so I wanted to look at Westside Atlanta apartments that are close to the artist district. There are a lot of galleries, plus I was hoping to rent a studio space to do my own work after I was done with my nine to five job. That is why I wanted to find an apartment complex that is relatively in the same area because I did not want to travel a long distance between my home, my job, and my passion. When I saw 464 Bishop, I knew my prayers had been answered.

First off, the apartment I was able to get has a balcony, and I sit out there most nights just to watch the world go on. That might not make sense to a lot of people, but an artist knows exactly what I mean by that. I have had so much inspiration by just watching the sunsets here as well as the skyline, which is a sight that everyone should have the luxury of seeing. Also, it is so close to the galleries that I am able to walk there. I had no idea that I would be that close.

I can also walk to restaurants and different stores that are appealing to me, but that is not the only nice thing about living here at 464 Bishop. There is a fitness center here that has everything I need for a good cardio workout. There is even a stair climber that I love to use! There is also a saltwater pool, an outdoor kitchen that residents can use, and much more. I really do feel like I have hit the lottery in being able to live here. My studio is only three blocks away, and my job is just another two blocks further, which is nice and super convenient!