They Made My Mother Look Like a Knock out

I took my mother to the Holland nail salon because I wanted to show her the absolute best Singapore had to offer. Holland Avenue has a lot to offer, but the nail salon there is the best place in the city to get manicures or pedicures. I’ve been here for some time and I’ve tried many salons, but these people are the best and most people living here seem to know it. Of course Singapore isn’t just about nail salons. I took my mother around the city to the best stores and restaurants as well. She’s been pretty impressed.

My Mom always did keep up appearances when I was growing up in the American South. Like many other women in that region, my mother made sure to dress appropriately and her hair and make up were always flawless. I knew she liked to have the best nail care as well so that is why I took her to the salon. In my mind I knew this place was better than any salon she’d been visiting back home, but I kept quiet because I wanted to see what she would say about the remarkable work they do here.

For some reason, when we got up in the morning and got ready to go to the salon my mother was in a surly mood. It might have been the lingering jet lag, but I sure hoped a great manicure would improve her mood. We had breakfast and walked over and her mood brightened as soon as she sat down. Lots of talking and laughing took place as the woman worked on my mother’s nails. I could tell my mother was deeply impressed by the results. She actually made a comment that she might have to start flying half way around the globe just to get her nails done!