The Permanence of Porcelain Veneers Appealed to Me

The edges of my teeth showed wear from all the years of chewing. There were little chips in the edges, and the teeth were old looking. I was getting old, but I was not too old yet. I was only in my 50s, but I really wanted to have a nice smile. I found a place that does porcelain veneers in Denver as I was not about to get dentures. My teeth were solid, but they were just a bit worn and not great looking. I wanted veneers, but I wanted them to be fitted to keep the natural look of my teeth. Plus, I wanted them to feel good.

Veneers are very thin coverings of porcelain that go over your own natural teeth. The real teeth are shaped to receive the veneers. They look great after the job is done. The shaping of your natural teeth to receive the veneers makes them look really odd. However, once the veneers are in place, you end up with that Hollywood smile you know you have been longing for. You know why Hollywood stars have such good looking teeth? Well, they get things such as veneers done early in their careers. Unlike Steve Buscemi, an actor who has a look with crooked teeth that is sort of a hallmark for him, most people want straight white teeth. Veneers gave me what I wanted in a smile, and I was so happy the day they were done. I mean I went out smiling everywhere.

I was no longer ashamed of my teeth. I would show them off wherever I could. I found myself laughing without reserve and really smiling at people and wishing them a good day. I could eat whatever I wanted as the veneers become part of your natural teeth. This is not a partial or denture that needs to come out. Veneers are attached to your teeth and are meant to be permanent.