The Best Apartment for My Needs

I live on my own, and I rarely have overnight guests. The last time someone stayed overnight was probably four years ago when my brother was passing through. That is why I only wanted to look at one bedroom apartments in Lewisville when I had to move because of circumstances beyond my control. I had been renting a two bedroom unit for years, and I just didn’t want to pay for something that I really was not using. I looked at several apartment complexes, and the one that captured my attention the most was Bluffs at Vista Ridge.

There are three different one bedroom floor plans available, and I looked at each one. Just because I am downsizing to a one bedroom apartment didn’t necessarily mean that I wanted to get the smallest one available. After looking at all three floor plans though, I realized that I would be very happy in the smallest one because it has everything I could possible want or need. The rooms are still a nice size, and there is even a laundry closet, which means that my days of lugging laundry bags up and down the stairs is a thing in the past since my last apartment had a community laundry two floors down from my apartment.

Another thing that I really like about the one bedroom unit that I have now is the balcony. I did not have one at my former apartment, and I honestly didn’t know that I would enjoy it as much as I have been these last few months since moving here. When I get home from work, I usually grab a tea or soda, then I will spend time on the balcony, just relaxing. That is more therapeutic for me than going to the spa, plus it is free! I really did find the best apartment for my needs.