Smart Living Choosing an Apartment That Fits Our Budget Perfectly

We were not finished with college when we decided to get married. We knew there was no others that we would ever be interested in. We were best friends and there is no other human being in the world as important to me as her. Neither of us had grand schemes of living beyond our means. We were more responsible with money that our parents. Our budget was always kept even when we looked for apartments for Forestville MD. We chose a one-bedroom floor plan that is 536 square feet. My parents struggle to make their rent, because their place is too big.

We are very comfortable in our apartment. The floor plan is called The Chestnut, and it is at the Parkland Village Apartments. If we decide to have a baby, and that is a definite possibility, we will move to a two bedroom floor plan after he or she is born. Choosing a nice apartment that we can afford allows us to put money into our retirement as well as our fund for a down payment on a house. We are taking our time and doing this right. We decided from the beginning we were not going to burden our parents with any financial issues from us. So far we have been able to meet all of our expenses without a problem, and the savings is growing.

We really like our apartment too. It is just the right size for the two of us. We are not tripping over each other, there is room to have personal space. Our living room serves as our dining room as well. We have plenty of room for the couch, recliners, table and chairs and our big screen TV and electronics. We have an inflatable mattress we use if anyone stays over. No need to have a spare room that will only be used a couple of times a year. Why pay every month for the extra space?