People I’ve Met This Past Year

It’s been close to a year since I moved into the Sloane Residences in Singapore, and I’ve met a lot of people with some interesting personalities. The first person I met when I moved in was Pete. He lives a few doors down from mine and he loves to play chess. When he was in high school and college, he was part of a chess club, and once he faced off against anyone who would come up and challenge him for an event. He even took on multiple opponents at once. I’ve never seen anyone do something like that. I’ve played many games against him, but I haven’t won a single one. I don’t understand how he’s so good at the game.

The next person that I met was a woman who lives on the floor below mine. I only saw her a couple of times and said hello, but we didn’t really get to know each other until I met her again and she told me that she was having a gathering to meet people in the complex. At the gathering, we started talking and I learned that she had many of the same interests that I did. We became great friends after that.

The next person I met was another person who lived below me and he would help me get the job that I have now. I met him at the gathering and he talked about how he worked at a software company and that they were hiring new employees because some of their old ones had left. I took this as a chance to put together a resume and interview for the job and I got it. The job pays pretty well, and although it can be a little stressful at times, I think it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had.