Money Made from Condo Rentals

A friend and I wanted to make some money on the side. We were discussing ideas for real estate properties where we could make a lot of money. The thought about apartment buildings first, but that was a little too small. We needed something a little bigger, and that’s when the idea of condos came to us. There are some nice condos in Singapore that are just right for financial opportunities. Through our searching, we came across a condo called New Futura that looked like a good starting point for our real estate endeavours.

One of the reasons why a condo is a good way to make money is because a lot of people come to these buildings for vacation purposes. They are willing to spend a lot just to have a place to stay in a prime vacation location. Just last year I went to Florida and spent a lot for a condo for a couple of weeks. My friend and I figured that especially during the summer and winter, people would be coming to the condo in droves with their friends and family for a little bit of rest and relaxation, and that’s when we would be making the most money.

The efforts by my friend and I paid off. We were able to make quite a bit of money from what we initially put into the condo. Just as we predicted, when the summer vacation season started, there was an influx of people renting rooms at the condo. We plan to expand by putting more money into other condos in the area. There’s probably even a few hotels that we can find that will make us even more money. As long as the tourism industry continues to thrive, we’ll continue to make more money from the people who rent.