Life is Nicer by Living Here

I really wanted to move to City Park View after going there with my sister to see a friend. While they visited, I wandered around and just fell head over heels for the place. It is right next to Renaissance Park, which is the main reason why I wanted to go and look at it. I had went to the park for the first time not too long before that, and I thought it would be cool to live closer so I could go bike riding there more often. I went to the website and saw click here to fill out an application, so that is what I did.

It is the first time that I had ever filled out a rental application, and I really didn’t know too much about the purpose of it. I had no idea if it was a credit check, a background check, or a combination of the two. My sister later explained it is just to vet the people who want to live there, and that actually made me feel better because I wanted them to be discerning about who they would allow to move into one of the apartments.

I also was not worried about not passing the application process, because I have a great job, a healthy savings account, and awesome references since I know a few people in the city political arena. I had no problem getting approved, and the next part was picking out the apartment that I wanted. I ended up with the biggest one bedroom unit, just because I used to live in a studio apartment and never wanted to do that again. The one bedroom I have now is actually pretty big, and it feels amazing that this is all mine. I go to the park a lot now, and this has just made life so much nicer for me.