I Want to Be a Bronco

It’s always been my dream to play football for the Denver Broncos. I’ve always wanted to put on the iconic uniform and run down the field until I make it to the end zone. In order to have a chance at being on the team, I had to go to the NFL combine. It’s not common for the average person to walk in from the street and expect to make the team. The people who do make it usually have experience playing college football. I went to a Denver strength training facility to prepare my body for the trial that would determine whether my dream became a reality.

The training process transformed by body from a skinny frame into a sculpted masterpiece. I went through the same kind of training that the NFL players do, and it was pretty intense. Not only did the training help me gain muscle and endurance, but it also improved my reflex and reaction time. There was a particular exercise that I had to do where I would lean forward and quickly move my legs in place, and then rotate to the left or right, depending on the commands I was given.

As I entered the combine, I noticed all of the big guys who looked like they had been living in the gym for most of their lives. Although the competition was stiff, I wasn’t going to let it intimidate me and stand in the way of becoming a Bronco. I went through the combine trials and thought I did pretty well. People would ask me what college I played football at, and I would tell them that I didn’t play college football at all, which surprised them. After the results came in, I learned that I was one of the fastest people at the combine, and the Broncos were interested in having me go to their training camp.