I Started Looking for an Apartment

In fact today I went to see this place called the Singapore New Futura condo. It is a brand new place with two 36 storey towers, they are joined together by a huge deck close to the ground level. At any rate I knew that I could not afford the place, but I had heard through the grapevine that this girl I used to know was showing the display units to buyers. So I went down there hoping to see her and find out if she was single or not. I asked the girl there if she knew her, but she told me that she had just started working there. I took a long shot and asked her if she were single, which she replied only with a smile. Of course I could tell that she was probably willing to flirt with a buyer, so I let her show me around a little. The places they had were well past my budget, but I sort of tried to pretend that I might have been able to come up with the money.

Of course these places were really nice, but like every place that you see on this island you really wonder how it is that they can charge so much for a relatively tiny place. Of course that is the sort of idea that people who do not live here would have and I still have it even though I have been living in Singapore for four or five years now. The truth is that every square inch is valuable on this island. There is not enough land for all of the people here and the land gets a lot more valuable for that exact reason. You have to stack people on top of one another in order to have places for all of them here.