I Look Like an Old Man Compared to My Wife Who is the Same Age As Me

I do not know how my wife does it all. I jump in the shower and use some shampoo and shower soap and am done in a few minutes. I have a beard that I trim maybe once every week or so. I rarely use any skin moisturizers, and I do not have a closet filled with products. My wife manages a career, plans our family meals, handles a million things with the house and our kids and gets her hair done and has manicure services done a couple of times a month. She will then go out and work in our garden, paint something that needs a fresh coat of paint, fire up the pressure washer or mow the lawn. We share in all those chores with each of us getting to them as we have a moment or two.

How she keeps her hands and skin looking so young boggles my mind. I am getting that leathery worn look from working outside all my life so far. If she holds her hands out side by side next to her youngest sister, you cannot tell any difference. She tells me that moisturizers, sun protection and getting her nails done using professional manicure services makes the difference. She says every woman finds products and things she likes that help her hold onto youthful looks. I am impressed as I feel I look like a very old man compared to her. I have had a couple of guys joke that I married a teenager or have a trophy wife. One person thought I was her dad. That really got her laughing and me scowling.

She told me that I should start using some product and limiting my sun exposure more. I think it is a few years too late for that. However, I will stay impressed and amazed at her ability to do a million things and still look like a million bucks no matter what time of day or night it is.