I Just Got Home from the Hospital

I have been in the hospital for four days and I am a good ways from done with the stuff involved in this. I have an appointment with a Camas chiropractors for next week, which seems to be the only real option for my back pain. The doctor showed me the x rays and told me that the vertebra in my back had been thrown out of alignment by the force of the accident. Of course they could open me up and do surgery, but no one thought that this was a good idea. Aside from all of the side effects and bad outcomes, there just is not any real certainty that you are going to have the problem fixed. Obviously there is not a guarantee that the chiropractor can fix it, but if he does not you are likely going to have no worse problems than the ones that you started with.

It was not so difficult for me to get mad at Jim for this, because he was to blame. The guy is always in too much of a hurry and he caused this accident by driving like a fool. Of course the problem for me is that he is also the boss’ son. I told his daddy what happened, but I did not really volunteer much to the police. Instead I told them that I had not been totally aware of what was going on. I told them that I had been taking a nap. Of course his father knows the boy and we all know that he just does not make good decisions. In this case you are literally risking your life and the lives of everyone around you because you think that you are going to save a few seconds. It is just not a very good calculation if you assume he thought at all.