I Have My Very Own Parking Spot

One of the things that I was looking for when I began my search for the best apartments in Kingsport TN was a parking arrangement that I would be happy with. I didn’t necessarily need one of those apartments that have private garages, because I saw the price tags on them and they are quite expensive. However, I also did not want a community parking lot because that is what I had at my last two apartment complexes, and finding a spot close to my apartment was the most frustrating thing ever.

I didn’t mind walking if I had nothing to carry, but carrying groceries or other things for a couple of blocks tends to get on a person’s last nerve. When I saw that Country Shores has assigned parking, I stopped looking at other apartment complexes, I knew that I had found where I wanted to live, and it all started because I would have my very own parking space. Granted, I would not have chosen this apartment complex for that reason alone. They have a lot of other things going for them too, which made it such an easy choice for me.

I work at one of the schools that is only a hop, skip and jump away, so the convenience of that definitely contributed to my choosing this apartment. The floor plan is really great too. I live on my own, but I have frequent overnight guests as I come from a huge family. That is the reason why I snagged one of the two bedroom units. I still can’t believe that I am paying such a low amount every month for a two bedroom here. Anyway, I consider myself very fortunate and quite blessed to not only have a great apartment to call home but a parking spot for my car too!