I Am Trying to Get out of My Lease

A lot of the time the landlord is not going to give you any trouble, but that is when they think they can easily lease a place or better yet if they think that they can jack up the rent. At any rate I am going to try to move to this place where a friend of mine needs a new roommate. That just happened lately and now he really wants me to take the guy’s place. If you click here, then you can see some of the reasons why I really like this place. The big thing is that they have a boat storage shed there and my friend has a nice boat that he goes out on all of the time. It is a big place with a really terrific pool, in fact there is a big screen TV by the pool and Tim says that they have parties all of the time. He claims that there always lots of great looking girls out there, although he was making a really hard sell because he needs a guy to split the cost of a luxury apartment.

Tim was really mad at the other guy, who just bailed on him while he was at work one day. He took all of his stuff, or at least all of the important stuff and took out with all of the beer in the fridge. Apparently he moved in with his new girlfriend and left before paying the month’s rent. I am pretty sure that Tim can only afford this place if he has a roommate and the same thing is true of me. Of course since my name is not on the lease, I am not going to be at risk of a loss. Tim is the one who gets banged either way.