I Am Back in the States

I got back to the great state of Georgia about two weeks ago and I have been living in my Grandmom’s basement since then. She has a great big house where she lives with my uncle and his girlfriend, there is plenty of room there and I get along fine with them. I looked around and found a 2012 Ford F 150 pick up truck and if you click here you can see the place that I am thinking about moving into. For now there is not a real hurry, but obviously I do not think that girls are going to be impressed if I tell them that I live in my Granny’s basement. It is a big deal, because I have not had a girlfriend for a couple of months. In fact my last one was a great German girl and I sort of wonder if I should have tried to keep her after they sent me to South Korea.

At any rate I am trying to get accepted in college as a junior. I have an associate degree that I earn on the internet and through the things that the United States Air Force taught me. I can get a good computer science degree and work a good job while I am at it if I am willing to put in the work. At this point I am thinking about where I am going to be in two years and how I am going to get there. The things that I need to do will depend a lot on where I am living and what that is going to cost. If I stay in this basement then that is going to be a lot easier on me in many important ways, but obviously that is not very much fun.