Her Battles Are My Battles Too

The drug epidemic in America is really becoming a problem again. I know that we have a new president now, and that there is a war against drugs coming in from other nations. However, none of that really hits you until you realize that drug addiction has taken root in your own home. I was devastated when I realized my daughter was using drugs. That was not the only emotion, as there was also anguish as well as shock. The first thing I did was look into drug rehab in NJ because I knew that my daughter was not in this fight on her own.

Though I was not taking the drugs, it was every bit my battle too. That is what happens when you love someone. Their fights become your fights. I looked at different rehab centers before deciding on the one that I wanted her to go to. The saving grace in all of this is that she and I typically very close, so I knew that she would at least consider what I had to say. When she saw the pain I was feeling and knowing she was the cause, she agreed to try the rehab center out that I showed her.

It took detox and a lot of therapy for her healing to begin. It took counseling for both of us for her to finally reveal to me what started her down this path. She had something very horrible happen to her, and that was the catalyst for all of this. She was too ashamed to tell me, and the pain was eating her up. That is why she turned to drugs, because she just wanted to numb herself to the pain she was feeling. My heart broke that day when I found out, but it was also a new beginning for us too. This is a war the two of us are winning together now.