Got My Home Move in Ready

My daughter and her husband had taken jobs in Singapore, and I had helped find the perfect house for them to live in. But I wanted to do something special for them. I know my daughter was nervous about the move and getting their things moved in to the house. I went online and did a Google search for move in cleaning for Singapore. I thought it would be such a nice surprise to have the house professionally cleaned before they got there. Thanks to your website I was easily able to see what you could do for them. Two weeks before my daughter and son in law were scheduled to move into their home, I was able to schedule you to make the home perfectly clean.

I felt so comfortable with you going in and getting everything ready. I asked you to take pictures of the job for me since I was not able to see the end results, which you had no problem doing for me. In the pictures you sent me I could tell that you did a great job and I could hardly wait for my daughter to get to the house and see what a great job you did.When my daughter and son in law arrived, they were so excited to see I had the house ready for their move. They said the house looked amazing and that it really made it so much easier to move in. One less thing to have to worry about, making sure all of the furniture fit in well. Now that I know they liked the service so much, I plan on having your services come on a regular basis. The kids are going to be so busy with their jobs, that I know they won’t have time to clean, and you will be a great gift for them.