Finally Caving to Friends Leads to Dream Job

The idea of doing something that was both helpful for a company and also something that really mattered to me had always weighed on my mind for a job. I had looked into corporate secretarial services after hearing some of my friends tell me that it was a really satisfying job choice that they thought that I would enjoy. I never took it seriously until it became a constant question of “Have you considered…?” and corporate secretary kept popping up. I ended up following this lead and am thankful that I did!

First, what is corporate secretarial services? In a nutshell, it is providing corporate companies with services to ensure that there is no corporate non-compliance. This could included labor laws, human resources, and payroll laws and looking to make sure they are being followed. They also regularly do the normal tasks that most secretaries would do. However, their paperwork and filings are a tad more on the serious side and it doesn’t allow much room for error.

I liked the responsibility with the job, which is why I really took it seriously when I looked into it. The demands and the interesting things that happened on the job kept me locked into the career. It was right up my alley with being taken seriously and also being responsible for something bigger than myself. As a part of my personality, I’m the kind of person that ensures everyone is taken care of and this job allowed me to do just that. I was protecting works, the company, and the clients that we had.

All in all, the job was a perfect match for me! I go to work everyday with a sense of purpose and a drive to do the best that I can that day. Another good feature of the job is that I can do a lot of the tasks remotely and can be at home some days. It’s just a perfect job for me!