Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media!

I like to get my Trump news from a site that recognizes the mainstream media won’t give our president a fair shake. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that the media in America are totally out of control when it comes to our outsider president. It started with the primaries, where most of the mainstream outlets treated Donald Trump as a joke candidate. Then he started winning and the jokes turned into sheer panic. It’s both frightening and hilarious to see how the media meltdown on a regular basis about some banal thing Trump says or does.

It’s gotten so bad you can’t even believe anything they’re saying about the guy. Almost every story comes out with breathless claims about how Donald Trump did something wrong and boy howdy this time we got him here comes impeachment! Then you see the inevitable truth slowly filter out and it turns out that Trump did nothing wrong and the media stand around once again with egg on their faces. As I said above, however, it’s actually frightening to see this happening because we should be able to trust the media. A propaganda media means we’re in big trouble when it comes to getting the truth.

I found a news feed that’s filled to the brim with stories about Trump. It’s not entirely possible to escape some of the MSM stories, but the feed often contains foreign media stories about Trump that treat him with some respect. With the news feed I can filter the stories and look for the ones that tell the truth, or at least make a pretense at telling the truth, and thus cut through all the garbage reporting about our president. I’m sure looking forward to 2020 when Trump bulldozes his way through the media again. You know it will happen.