Finally Caving to Friends Leads to Dream Job

The idea of doing something that was both helpful for a company and also something that really mattered to me had always weighed on my mind for a job. I had looked into corporate secretarial services after hearing some of my friends tell me that it was a really satisfying job choice that they thought that I would enjoy. I never took it seriously until it became a constant question of “Have you considered…?” and corporate secretary kept popping up. I ended up following this lead and am thankful that I did!

First, what is corporate secretarial services? In a nutshell, it is providing corporate companies with services to ensure that there is no corporate non-compliance. This could included labor laws, human resources, and payroll laws and looking to make sure they are being followed. They also regularly do the normal tasks that most secretaries would do. However, their paperwork and filings are a tad more on the serious side and it doesn’t allow much room for error.

I liked the responsibility with the job, which is why I really took it seriously when I looked into it. The demands and the interesting things that happened on the job kept me locked into the career. It was right up my alley with being taken seriously and also being responsible for something bigger than myself. As a part of my personality, I’m the kind of person that ensures everyone is taken care of and this job allowed me to do just that. I was protecting works, the company, and the clients that we had.

All in all, the job was a perfect match for me! I go to work everyday with a sense of purpose and a drive to do the best that I can that day. Another good feature of the job is that I can do a lot of the tasks remotely and can be at home some days. It’s just a perfect job for me!

People I’ve Met This Past Year

It’s been close to a year since I moved into the Sloane Residences in Singapore, and I’ve met a lot of people with some interesting personalities. The first person I met when I moved in was Pete. He lives a few doors down from mine and he loves to play chess. When he was in high school and college, he was part of a chess club, and once he faced off against anyone who would come up and challenge him for an event. He even took on multiple opponents at once. I’ve never seen anyone do something like that. I’ve played many games against him, but I haven’t won a single one. I don’t understand how he’s so good at the game.

The next person that I met was a woman who lives on the floor below mine. I only saw her a couple of times and said hello, but we didn’t really get to know each other until I met her again and she told me that she was having a gathering to meet people in the complex. At the gathering, we started talking and I learned that she had many of the same interests that I did. We became great friends after that.

The next person I met was another person who lived below me and he would help me get the job that I have now. I met him at the gathering and he talked about how he worked at a software company and that they were hiring new employees because some of their old ones had left. I took this as a chance to put together a resume and interview for the job and I got it. The job pays pretty well, and although it can be a little stressful at times, I think it’s one of the best jobs I’ve had.

How to Find the Best IPTV in Singapore

In the old days, the only way to watch TV was to hook your TV up to an antenna and see which channels you got. There were often only a few choices, so you were stuck watching whatever was on. Even with cable, you may not always be able to see the shows that you want. However, when you choose the best IPTV in Singapore, you will be amazed at how easy it is to find something you want to watch. Not only that, but you can easily record programs to watch later, or even download them to watch on your moble device when you are away from home.

Setting up your IPTV is not that difficult. You just need to find the right equipment. Most people are able to easily set it up on their own, but you might need a little assistance. The good news is that the company that you buy your equipment from will be able to provide all of the assistance that you might need. With their help, you can get everything properly set up and configured so that you will be able to start watching TV in just a few minutes. Continue reading How to Find the Best IPTV in Singapore

I Am Moving in with My Girlfriend

I have just about everything ready, of course it is a really easy to make this decision. I am moving out of a place that is really expensive and which is not in a good location at all for me. Getting all the way across Singapore is always a burden and doing it twice each and every work day gets really old in a really big hurry. I have to find some people to do post tenancy cleaning for Singapore now, since I want to get the security deposit back and the only way that this is going to happen is if we pay what it takes to get the work done almost perfectly. The landlord is not a terrible person, but of course not any of them are giving that security deposit back if they can find a way to get out of doing it. Continue reading I Am Moving in with My Girlfriend

Building a Better Home Security System

Mom and dad were used to me living above the garage. Being a police officer, they enjoyed the peace of mind having me around gave them. However, it was a false sense of security as I worked long hours and was hardly ever home. They thought that being a cop I could protect them from anything. Knowing the reality of things, I got them a complete home security system from I wanted them to have the perimeter protection, fire protection and video surveillance modern home security systems offer.

I explained to them about my hours at work and how it is important to take proactive steps toward protecting themselves. Continue reading Building a Better Home Security System

My Son is Maintaining His a Grades

There are different reasons why someone may want to look into Singapore science tuition, but it all boils down to one thing. As parents, we want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. My son was getting As in all of his classes, but he was struggling to maintain his A in physics. I knew that he needed to ace his examinations, so I wanted to do my part in ensuring that he could do that. For me, that meant finding him a good science tutor.

It did not take me long to find one once I started asking around. I know I could have went online and looked at reviews there, but those would be written by people I do not know. That makes a difference to me. I wanted to find out from people I actually know, so I just started asking around. Continue reading My Son is Maintaining His a Grades

Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media!

I like to get my Trump news from a site that recognizes the mainstream media won’t give our president a fair shake. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that the media in America are totally out of control when it comes to our outsider president. It started with the primaries, where most of the mainstream outlets treated Donald Trump as a joke candidate. Then he started winning and the jokes turned into sheer panic. It’s both frightening and hilarious to see how the media meltdown on a regular basis about some banal thing Trump says or does.

It’s gotten so bad you can’t even believe anything they’re saying about the guy. Continue reading Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media!

I Started Looking for an Apartment

In fact today I went to see this place called the Singapore New Futura condo. It is a brand new place with two 36 storey towers, they are joined together by a huge deck close to the ground level. At any rate I knew that I could not afford the place, but I had heard through the grapevine that this girl I used to know was showing the display units to buyers. So I went down there hoping to see her and find out if she was single or not. I asked the girl there if she knew her, but she told me that she had just started working there. I took a long shot and asked her if she were single, which she replied only with a smile. Of course I could tell that she was probably willing to flirt with a buyer, so I let her show me around a little. Continue reading I Started Looking for an Apartment

My Future Career Will Focus on One of My Favorite Things

I come from a family of music lovers. I’ve been playing guitar ever since I was four years old. My dad has been playing the same instrument since he was a kid, and he’s the one who taught me to play. Just this last year, I decided to learn music production locally. I will be the first person in my family who will be making a career out of music. Prior to now, we all did it for fun. I’m pretty excited about this new, future chapter in my life. I hope to move to Los Angeles and work with the industry there. I feel like I’m pretty shy about a lot of things in life, but I really shine and become outgoing when it comes to the music world.

My parents were both hippies back in the 1970s. My dad met my mom at a sing-a-long. My dad played his guitar, and my mom got up to sing while he played. Continue reading My Future Career Will Focus on One of My Favorite Things

Got My Home Move in Ready

My daughter and her husband had taken jobs in Singapore, and I had helped find the perfect house for them to live in. But I wanted to do something special for them. I know my daughter was nervous about the move and getting their things moved in to the house. I went online and did a Google search for move in cleaning for Singapore. I thought it would be such a nice surprise to have the house professionally cleaned before they got there. Thanks to your website I was easily able to see what you could do for them. Two weeks before my daughter and son in law were scheduled to move into their home, I was able to schedule you to make the home perfectly clean.

I felt so comfortable with you going in and getting everything ready. I asked you to take pictures of the job for me since I was not able to see the end results, which you had no problem doing for me. Continue reading Got My Home Move in Ready

I Look Like an Old Man Compared to My Wife Who is the Same Age As Me

I do not know how my wife does it all. I jump in the shower and use some shampoo and shower soap and am done in a few minutes. I have a beard that I trim maybe once every week or so. I rarely use any skin moisturizers, and I do not have a closet filled with products. My wife manages a career, plans our family meals, handles a million things with the house and our kids and gets her hair done and has manicure services done a couple of times a month. She will then go out and work in our garden, paint something that needs a fresh coat of paint, fire up the pressure washer or mow the lawn. We share in all those chores with each of us getting to them as we have a moment or two.

How she keeps her hands and skin looking so young boggles my mind. I am getting that leathery worn look from working outside all my life so far. If she holds her hands out side by side next to her youngest sister, you cannot tell any difference. Continue reading I Look Like an Old Man Compared to My Wife Who is the Same Age As Me

They Made My Mother Look Like a Knock out

I took my mother to the Holland nail salon because I wanted to show her the absolute best Singapore had to offer. Holland Avenue has a lot to offer, but the nail salon there is the best place in the city to get manicures or pedicures. I’ve been here for some time and I’ve tried many salons, but these people are the best and most people living here seem to know it. Of course Singapore isn’t just about nail salons. I took my mother around the city to the best stores and restaurants as well. She’s been pretty impressed.

My Mom always did keep up appearances when I was growing up in the American South. Continue reading They Made My Mother Look Like a Knock out

I Just Got Home from the Hospital

I have been in the hospital for four days and I am a good ways from done with the stuff involved in this. I have an appointment with a Camas chiropractors for next week, which seems to be the only real option for my back pain. The doctor showed me the x rays and told me that the vertebra in my back had been thrown out of alignment by the force of the accident. Of course they could open me up and do surgery, but no one thought that this was a good idea. Aside from all of the side effects and bad outcomes, there just is not any real certainty that you are going to have the problem fixed. Obviously there is not a guarantee that the chiropractor can fix it, but if he does not you are likely going to have no worse problems than the ones that you started with.

It was not so difficult for me to get mad at Jim for this, because he was to blame. Continue reading I Just Got Home from the Hospital

A Trip to Hawaii Was in Order

When I won the lottery, I knew that I was not going to spend all my winnings in one place. I have heard too many horror stories of people going through their winnings and being broke as soon as the lottery payments stopped coming in. That is not the case with me, as I knew that the only splurge I was going to have was getting one of the Big Island luxury vacation rentals for my family and myself. We had always joked that whoever hit it big had to do this, and I was not going to abandon my word, especially when the prize for all of us is so amazing.

I ended up renting the Cuvee Hualalai Estate for two weeks. It has five bedrooms and even more bathrooms, so each bedroom suite has its own. It also has so much privacy for each couple taking a room. There is a walk in closet in each room, a bathroom with showers and tubs, and outdoor areas for each room too. Continue reading A Trip to Hawaii Was in Order

I Am Back in the States

I got back to the great state of Georgia about two weeks ago and I have been living in my Grandmom’s basement since then. She has a great big house where she lives with my uncle and his girlfriend, there is plenty of room there and I get along fine with them. I looked around and found a 2012 Ford F 150 pick up truck and if you click here you can see the place that I am thinking about moving into. For now there is not a real hurry, but obviously I do not think that girls are going to be impressed if I tell them that I live in my Granny’s basement. It is a big deal, because I have not had a girlfriend for a couple of months. Continue reading I Am Back in the States

Going to the Chiropractor As Preventative Medicine

Yoga is a really good way to recharge your body and keep it in prime condition. Even with all the yoga that I do, I always make it a point to see my chiropractor regularly. Sacramento chiropractors were recommended to me by a friend, and I’ve been going to the same chiropractor for quite some time now. Whenever I go in for an appointment, it doesn’t take me very long at all. I’m a very good health overall, and I consider what I do to be maintenance. It’s almost the same thing as taking your car in for a tune-up. By being proactive and ensuring that my adjustments are taken care of, I’m making sure that my body is ready to go and in prime condition.

Many of my friends have asked why I choose to go to a chiropractor regularly. They know that I’m in very good shape, and I can’t believe that I would have any back issues. I told them that I don’t go because I have any problems in particular, I go because I want to continue living that way. Continue reading Going to the Chiropractor As Preventative Medicine

Woodbridge Apartments is Where I Am Meant to Be

Even before I looked at pictures of any apartments, I wanted to see the list of amenities that each one offers. I have seen some nice apartments in the past that offered very little to the residents, so that was first on my list of priorities. I used an apartment finder for San Antonio area residents, and that is how I came up with my short list of places I would consider living at. I looked carefully at the amenities page on each website, and I decided that I wanted to find out more about Woodbridge Apartments because of their page of amenities.

First off, the community features are amazing. They have two really nice swimming pools, and there are three clothing care centers as well. Continue reading Woodbridge Apartments is Where I Am Meant to Be

A One Bedroom Apartment is Enough for Me

When I graduated from university, I had two choices. I could either move back in with my folks and look for a job in the town that I couldn’t wait to get out of, or I could move to South Carolina and start the next chapter of my life on my own. I had a great job offer, and I knew that I could find a great place to live after looking online at the best apartments for rent in Simpsonville SC. I weighed the pros and cons of both decisions very carefully, and that is how I came to the conclusion that it was time to cut the apron strings.

It is not that I was afraid to start out fresh on my own. I admit that I did like the appeal of having a security blanket so close at hand if I had chosen to move back in with my mom and dad. I also considered that I couldn’t wait to leave that one traffic light town, and that is what propelled me to accept the job offer in Simspsonville. I had already figured out which apartment complex I wanted to move into while I was still deciding which way to go with my future. Continue reading A One Bedroom Apartment is Enough for Me

This Apartment is Convenient to Where I Need to Be

I am an aspiring artist, so I wanted to look at Westside Atlanta apartments that are close to the artist district. There are a lot of galleries, plus I was hoping to rent a studio space to do my own work after I was done with my nine to five job. That is why I wanted to find an apartment complex that is relatively in the same area because I did not want to travel a long distance between my home, my job, and my passion. When I saw 464 Bishop, I knew my prayers had been answered.

First off, the apartment I was able to get has a balcony, and I sit out there most nights just to watch the world go on. Continue reading This Apartment is Convenient to Where I Need to Be

The Best Apartment for My Needs

I live on my own, and I rarely have overnight guests. The last time someone stayed overnight was probably four years ago when my brother was passing through. That is why I only wanted to look at one bedroom apartments in Lewisville when I had to move because of circumstances beyond my control. I had been renting a two bedroom unit for years, and I just didn’t want to pay for something that I really was not using. I looked at several apartment complexes, and the one that captured my attention the most was Bluffs at Vista Ridge.

There are three different one bedroom floor plans available, and I looked at each one. Just because I am downsizing to a one bedroom apartment didn’t necessarily mean that I wanted to get the smallest one available. Continue reading The Best Apartment for My Needs