A Trip to Hawaii Was in Order

When I won the lottery, I knew that I was not going to spend all my winnings in one place. I have heard too many horror stories of people going through their winnings and being broke as soon as the lottery payments stopped coming in. That is not the case with me, as I knew that the only splurge I was going to have was getting one of the Big Island luxury vacation rentals for my family and myself. We had always joked that whoever hit it big had to do this, and I was not going to abandon my word, especially when the prize for all of us is so amazing.

I ended up renting the Cuvee Hualalai Estate for two weeks. It has five bedrooms and even more bathrooms, so each bedroom suite has its own. It also has so much privacy for each couple taking a room. There is a walk in closet in each room, a bathroom with showers and tubs, and outdoor areas for each room too. That is just the beginning though, because while the private areas are heaven on earth, the shared areas are meant to have the most fun possible.

There is a living room with a gorgeous fireplace, a dining room to share fantastic meals together that were created and cooked in the extremely modern kitchen, an even an office in case someone would have to do some work while they are here having fun. The media room is amazing with all it has, but my favorite part was the outdoor living areas. There is a fire pit, a pool, a spa, and much more, and this is where most of us spent our time together. Our future is looking really bright right now, but family will always come first no matter what!