A One Bedroom Apartment is Enough for Me

When I graduated from university, I had two choices. I could either move back in with my folks and look for a job in the town that I couldn’t wait to get out of, or I could move to South Carolina and start the next chapter of my life on my own. I had a great job offer, and I knew that I could find a great place to live after looking online at the best apartments for rent in Simpsonville SC. I weighed the pros and cons of both decisions very carefully, and that is how I came to the conclusion that it was time to cut the apron strings.

It is not that I was afraid to start out fresh on my own. I admit that I did like the appeal of having a security blanket so close at hand if I had chosen to move back in with my mom and dad. I also considered that I couldn’t wait to leave that one traffic light town, and that is what propelled me to accept the job offer in Simspsonville. I had already figured out which apartment complex I wanted to move into while I was still deciding which way to go with my future.

Though I knew my parents would come to see me now and again, I still opted to get a one bedroom apartment. Having a bigger place just seemed too excessive for me, and I knew my parents would probably prefer to stay at a local hotel anyway when they do come down. The apartment is the perfect size for me. I consider it to be a six room apartment, as it has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a laundry room, a living room and a patio. I spend most of my time outside when I am home, but it sure does feel good to just relax in my very own living room after a long day of either working hard or playing hard.